Small Business Funding

Small business funding can come in many forms. The most popular is SBA funding, which has helped millions of small business owners obtain needed cash through the sale of their company’s equipment, property, or land. The SBA funds are part of the regular Small Business Administration (SBA) portfolio of lending programs that help business owners obtain the money they need to conduct business. Another common form of Small Business funding comes in the form of Equipment Finance. Equipment finance is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the cash they need to purchase the business tools they need to stay afloat. This includes everything from computers to trucks and machinery to data processing equipment.

For many small businesses the only way to receive small business funding is through Capital Funding. Capital Funding is not based on credit worthiness and requires little to no collateral. These loans are a common alternative business funding source for new and existing businesses that lack the means to obtain traditional financing through private lenders.

If you’re looking for capital to expand your business then you may want to consider accessing one of the SBA’s Alternative Business Funding options. An Alternative Business Funding service provides capital to small businesses that have less than $1 million in annual income. Private lenders don’t want to take a chance on your startup, so you may not be able to get small business financing through conventional sources like personal loans from family and friends. If you have a good business plan, a strong business idea and you’re willing to go to great lengths to get the capital you may be able to use an SBA capital program to get small business funding for your new business venture.

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